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Miller Boys Outdoors was founded in 2017 with the vision to motivate and promote outdoor recreation, while provide hunting apparel and fishing lures. In 2018, the vision was extended to provide a taxidermy service for those who hunt and fish.  

Miller Boys Outdoors is dedicated to provide premier customer service. We strive to provide you with a punctual turnaround, while ensuring a quality product.  Our vision is to make certain that your awesome hunt becomes a lifetime memory.  



As a little boy, my dad would take my brother and I fishing and hunting every chance he could. Of course we didn't always have a fishing rod in our hands at the lake, we often would have rocks to throw in the water which somehow made our day. My dad taught us the fundamentals of fishing; "Be patient, Keep your bait in the water, Stay quiet, Don't throw rocks in the water." Those basic words of advice slowly resulted to dinner on the table. From then, fishing has been an outdoor hobby of mines.


Deer Hunting came at a later date in my childhood. At the age of 9, I began going hunting with my dad. There would be times we would go hunting and wouldn't see any deer, but that didn't discourage me. Hunting sparked my attention in a different way. When hunting, you're gearing up to be placed in the same element as the wildlife. From scent cover and camouflage, to using deer calls. 


My breakthrough for taxidermy came when I was sitting in the Sportsman Lodge eating my breakfast. On the walls were deer heads, turkeys, fish, fox, etc. If it's in the woods, it's on the wall. I never knew how people were able to get their trophy kills, mounted on the walls. As I got older, I told myself I would figure it out and give it a try. I did a lot of research and attended several seminars. From there, my passion was to make an awesome hunt a lifetime memory.



Darius Miller Jr.

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